Founded in 1991, CADMOLD has always relied on innovation based on the latest cutting-edge technologies to meet the demands of the market. In view of this premise, we currently develop projects in the plastics’ sector, ranging from product design, to tool development and its subsequent industrialization.

Over the last few years, we have been expanding our knowledge, particularly in highly complex molds: automotive, cosmetic and micro parts, some of these projects being used for the injection of multiple materials in the same tool.

As a result of this experience, of the accuracy required in studies of this line and of the presence of a qualified team, other ranges have opened up in the areas of watchmaking and high-end jewelry, where perfection and precision prevail.

Quality Policy
CADMOLD’s main guiding principle is to make Customers confident of its technical and management skills; being able to provide, in a consistent and systematic way, the level of Quality required to satisfy their needs and expectations.

CADMOLD aims to be an international company in the delivery of mold services; a reference in Quality and costs, ensuring high profitability.

At CADMOLD we strive to provide high quality solutions and services in the area of mold design, with means compatible with a sustainable development, generating added value for Customers, Shareholders, employees and other interested parties.

On the celebration of its 20 years of existence, CADMOLD decided to take another qualitative step, through its certification in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard, thus joining the vast majority of its customers, who are already certified.

In 2011, CADMOLD started to implement the system. During this implementation period, preexisting methods were adapted to the requirements of the standard. However, there was always the care to keep them simple, functional and adapted to the reality of the company.

June 2012, the accreditation audit and consequent validation (the probation) were carried out by SGS, from which CADMOLD became a certified company.

With the renewal audit carried out in 2018 CADMOLD became TÜV certified, thus obtaining its current certificate of conformity: NPEN ISO 9001: 2015

CADMOLD intends to continue on the path of quality and thus give its small contribution to the excellence of the Portuguese molds in the world.

Steel molds design for injection of plastics